This is the best available platform when it comes to programming training sessions and tracking data.


Ergzone has made programming and data tracking a breeze for ErgFit members. Thanks to ErgZone our ErgFit classes run more efficiently and members are learning more from their data feedback

Brad Cardoza, ErgFit

ErgZone has helped me organize my programming and save loads of time. All of the data is a huge plus as well. I always know my exact cardiac output with every session.

Marc Megna, Anatomy Co-owner

ErgZone is a fantastic tool that allows the athletes to focus on their personal performance with huge data feedback without sacrificing any additional time.

Scott Pollock, WattPower

I use ErgZone for all my SkiErg workouts for many reasons. I love the ease of logging as it sends your pieces directly to the Concept2 log sheet already verified.

Karen Hillman, Beta Tester

ErgZone is a game changer on how the data is displayed while you workout: choose the more relevant to you, set targets and track in real time how you do on every split or intervals.

Kévin Scott, Rowing Coach & Concept2 Geek
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Amazing Features

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See live HR%, Zones, Target Pace/Rate, SPI, DF, Watts, Calories from previous, current and next intervals/splits.

Custom Workouts

Unlock new PM5 possibilities: 10s splits, 100k with splits, easy variable workouts with undefined rest.

Video Workouts

Row along workouts with partner coaches in the ErgFlix track.

Platform for Coaches

Manage workouts, athletes, and competitions in one single place.

Discover Content

Get free workouts from partner coaches, find the perfect training plan or start your monthly programming.

Concept2 Logbook

Workouts are automatically uploaded to C2 Logbook and marked as verified.

Free App

ErgZone App is free to download.

  • Check what you can do with the app on the Features section.

Group Pricing

Unlock extra features with a paid plan:

  • • Share workouts with members, friends and family
  • • Manage workouts and members from a mobile device and our Web Platform
  • • Enable workout leaderboards
  • • In-App Chat with members
  • • Live Dashboard for gyms, clubs, remote coaching. Watch it in action here.
Tier 1

    Up To 2 Members



or get 2 months free


Tier 2

    Up To 5 Members



or get 2 months free


Tier 3

    Up To 10 Members



or get 2 months free


Tier 4

    Up To 25 Members



or get 2 months free


Tier 5

    Up To 50 Members



or get 2 months free


Tier 6

    Up To 100 Members



or get 2 months free


Tier 7

    Up To 175 Members



or get 2 months free


Tier 8

    Up To 250 Members



or get 2 months free


No contracts, cancel anytime.

More than 250 Members: +$30/mo per 100 additional members.

Questions? Please see our Group Pricing FAQs below.

Group Pricing FAQ

How do I choose a plan?

You don't! Our system will start your group on the base level (Tier 1) and adjust it monthly or yearly based on number of members.

How do I start my group?

1. Visit ErgZone Web Admin

2. Sign in with your Logbook account

3. Click on "Start Plan" to proceed to checkout

How do you count members?

One week before your billing cycle ends, the system will recalculate how many members have had access to your group during the past 3 weeks.

How can I update the name and description for my group?

1. Visit ErgZone Web Admin

2. Click on your group's name

3. Select "Details" tab

4. Click on the group's name or description to edit it.

Can I update the logo for my group?

Yes. Send the logo and your Logbook username to

How do I add an user to my group?

1. Visit ErgZone Web Admin

2. Click on your group's name

3. Select "Users" tab

4. In the search bar type exact* username (Logbook account username) you want to grant access to your group

5. Click on the (+) sign on the user's information


* For privacy reasons ErgZone will not suggest users. For example, if username is "janedoe", typing "jane" or "doe" will not return the any account.

** If you can't find user's account, make sure user has downloaded ErgZone's app and signed in with their Logbook's account before trying again.

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