Thu Nov 24
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The ERGWARS Rule Book

The ERGWARS is an annual virtual worldwide competition to determine the fittest in each discipline of the Concept2 fleet of machines.

The ERG WARS events will be released on the official @ergwars Instagram page each week.

  • The first workout will be released on Thanksgiving day November 24, 2022 at 12 noon Eastern standard Time
  • The second workout will be released on December 1st 2022at 12 noon Eastern standard Time
  • The third workout will be released on December 8th 2022 at 12 noon eastern standard time
  • The fourth and last workout will be released on December 15th 2022 at 12 noon Eastern standard Time.

Each week’s event(s) will be released on Thursday at 12 noon EST. Athletes will have until the following Wednesday at 8 PM EST to complete the event(s) and submit a score. Once the score submission window has closed at 8 PM EST on Wednesday athletes will not be able to adjust or resubmit a score for that week's event(s).


Any athlete meeting age and eligibility requirements may register to compete. Any athlete wishing to compete must complete the registration process on ErgZone.

To successfully complete the registration process, athletes must submit the required fee.

Registration is $30.

Discounts are available for participating in multiple disciplines.

An early bird special is available until September 1, 2020

  • Individual registration - $25
  • Two disciplines - $50
  • Three disciplines - $75

After that date up until Wednesday November 30th

  • Individual registration - $30
  • Two disciplines - $55
  • Three disciplines - $80

No refunds or transfers will be permitted for any reason.

ERGWARS reserves the exclusive right to allow or deny the participation of any athlete. ERGWARS also reserves the exclusive right to validate or invalidate any athlete score(s) submitted for the purpose of preserving the integrity of the competition. ERGWARS may disqualify any individual it finds tampering with the entry, registration, or submission process, or acting in unsportsmanlike or destructive manner with the intent to annoy, abuse , threaten or harass any other person.

In every event the athlete is responsible to adhere to the event rules. This includes performing all challenges on Concept2 machines without tampering or adding anything to the machine that could affect the score. Ie: slides, covering the flywheel etc. Suspicion/confirmation of this will result in an automatic disqualification from the competition.

Each athlete must have a Concept2 logbook account in order to register for the ERGWARS. Athletes will be prompted to create this account when they download the ErgZone app. Athletes will use the same account each year for all competitions. Athletes will use their account for registering, submitting scores, tracking submissions, and reviewing their score submission history. It is the athletes sole responsibility to provide current valid truthful information when creating an account including date of birth, gender, body weight and email address. Any athlete with questions or concerns about creating an account should contact @ergwars. Athletes should not create duplicate accounts.

If an athlete is performing the workouts on an older model Concept2 that is not compatible with the ErgZone app they can manually enter their score on the app. When entering the score manually you will also be required to provide one or more screenshots from the Concept2 PM memory screen. (Menu -memory - List by date - magnifying glass)

Upon registration you will be asked to choose your division.

Divisions are decided by :

  • age
  • weight
  • sex
  • Or novice.

Then, choose a machine:

  • row
  • bike
  • ski
  • 2 out of the 3
  • all 3

Age requirements:

An athlete's competitive division will be automatically assigned based on date of birth (choose the age you will be on November 24, 2022) and gender unless the athlete selects the novice division during registration. There are 18 total divisions for individual competitors and there is one division for teams.

  • Open (19-39)
  • Masters 1 (40-49)
  • Masters 2 (50+)
  • Teen (18 and under)
  • Novice (any age, for people new to the erg)

Weight division

Weight divisions are only for Open and Masters 1:

  • Lightweight:
    • Women: Under and up to 135 pounds
    • Men: Under and up to 165 pounds
  • Middleweight:
    • Women:136-156 pounds
    • Men:166-186 pounds
  • Heavyweight
    • Women: 157+ pounds
    • Men 187+ pounds


Anyone wishing to compete for the team award must first register as an individual athlete. There is no extra fee to compete on a team. You will create or join a team inside the app. You can have different teams for each erg.

Teams are made of one female competitor and one male competitor.

Proof of Weight

The competitor will identify themselves by stating registered name and division. The camera should be turned to show the screen reading the weight with the competitor standing on the scale. Proof of scale’s accuracy must be provided with a kettlebell or dumbbell. Example: Upon request proof of weight will be emailed to

Score Submission

Workouts will be released on Thursday 12 PM EST and the workouts must be submitted by Wednesday 8 PM EST

Judging and Score Validation

Although video validation is not required to submit your score, top athletes and anyone wishing to break a world record must be prepared to submit a video for score validation. Video recordings must be uploaded to YouTube and the link must be sent upon request. (Within 24 hours)


Scores will be automatically uploaded to the leaderboard through the ErgZone app. You can redo the workout as many times as you would like. Yet only the first complete attempt is automatically added to the leaderboard; other attempts will have to be ranked manually.

You can see your ranking in your division as well as the overall ranking in every division. The ErgZone app is the only official host leaderboard for ERGWARS. Athletes will be ranked on the leaderboard based on their performance relative to the other athletes in their division.

Ties will not be broken for single event results. More than one athlete can share an event rank, and each will earn the original point value. The athlete with the top performance across multiple events in their competition wins. If an athlete fails to submit a score for an event they will be ranked below all athletes who entered a score. They can still continue on with the remaining weeks of competition.

Cash Prizes

Cash prizes will be awarded to the winner in each division at the conclusion of the competition. To claim this prize athletes must have a Venmo or Zelle account. Prize amounts will be determined by the number of entries to the competition. Additional prizes may be presented by partner‘s sponsors or select vendors. It is the athlete's sole responsibility to comply with paying any and all applicable taxes in connection with any prizes, regardless of whether such a prize is cash.