5K Training Plan (Intermediate/Advanced)

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Training for a 5k row is challenging because it is difficult to get the correct intensity and duration of training sessions in order to achieve maximum performance. This plan is calibrated so that you can train smarter in order for you to save time, avoid overtraining, and unnecessary effort for maximum gain. If you are training at a volume of 200 minutes to 250+ minutes a week in terms of volume, this plan contains an appropriate amount of exercise. This rowing 5K training plan features five core workouts each week, and an optional cycle or crosstraining day. This plan is geared toward intermediate/advanced athletes that are used to doing a reasonable amount of volume each week. Each week the training sessions provide a plan to activate different energy systems. This plan is built on a 4-week cycle. Each week of the four-week cycle progressively moves the volume of work up with the fourth week of the cycle with slightly less work to allow for recovery. At the beginning of the fifth, ninth, and the start of the thirteenth week, there are 5k benchmark rows to see how you are progressing. I refer to various energy systems such as UT2, UT1, AT, TR, and AN during this plan. While no system is perfect, I have found it helps to have an understanding of the amount of intensity each training session should have so we can train at the appropriate level for maximum effect and avoid overtraining. To access a spreadsheet to calculate your heart rate zones, use the following link and then make a copy for yourself by choosing file >> make a copy. You will then be able to edit the highlighted cells to calculate your zones. There are two tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. You can choose % of max heart rate system or the Karvonen formula if you would prefer: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IFV5g9J1dD--q9GX1_iWxvD_RQFmo8C8t510H8IQPIU/edit?usp=sharing For sessions that are marked UT2 and UT1 the heart rate zone is more important than pace or power. Utilization 2 (UT2) Heart Rate Zone is 60% to 70% of max heart rate (as a general guide) Utilization 1 (UT1) Heart Rate Zone is 70% to 80% of max heart rate (as a general guide) For the sessions that are marked AT, TR, and AN, it is better to hit the target pace than be concerned too much with the heart rate zone. Anaerobic Threshold (AT) or above (including power training in this plan is 80% to 85% of max heart rate) Transportation (TR) is around 85% to 95% of max heart rate) Anaerobic (AN) is 90% to 100% of max heart rate. The above should only be used as a general guide because everyone has slightly different physiology and may adapt to training in different manners. For more information on rowing, indoor rowing, and other technical advice, please see my website https://www.coachbergenroth.com