Learn To Row Training Plan

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There is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet about learning to row. Additionally, this information is often scattered around. These resources often don’t provide a coherent sequence for learning the technical aspects of the rowing stroke. With the Learn To Row Training Plan, you will learn how to row in a structured sequence. This training will lay a firm foundation upon which to build your fitness, performance, and confidence. The plan will support you in getting the most for your investment in a rowing machine or gym membership. I know that you want to learn how to maintain good health, row technically better, improve your performance and provide opportunities for yourself in the future. In order to do that, you need the drills and structure of an organized training plan. The problem is that time is short and you often don’t see the gains you are looking for from your efforts which makes you feel frustrated. Athletes should have an effective rowing training plan to maximize results in the shortest period of time. The amount of information online can be overwhelming or some programs are simply not effective, which is why I am passionate about applying my thirty-four years of competitive and coaching experience to support people who want to improve and get on track. For this reason, I include my Technical Drills To Help Improve Technique On The Rowing Machine Guide (value $30) with all of my training plans. This guide includes the twelve most important drills that you can use to improve your rowing stroke and gain speed in the shortest period of time. The guide includes links to technical videos on my YouTube channel with cues to help you perform the drills in the technical training sessions in this plan and also includes the body positions mentioned in the pause drills below. The drills will help you improve your technique which is the most important factor for improving your rowing performance and confidence on the machine. The most important video to watch BEFORE you start rowing is my video on how to sit on the seat correctly. It all starts here: https://youtu.be/tVXkdSqGNGE Next, it's a really good idea to learn the PICK DRILL before going much further. https://youtu.be/z_-pIOZoAtk This training plan has been developed to help those that are complete beginners to rowing on the machine. The Learn to Row training plan features three training sessions per week with videos of the drills being used in the training sessions at the beginning of each week. These sessions are generally broken down into two technique rows at low intensity with one more row to help with weight loss and general fitness. In order to perform this training program and obtain the most benefits, you will need a Concept2 rowing machine or similar. For more information on my bespoke training programs please visit: https://www.coachbergenroth.com