ERG Endurance [Level 1]

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The MultiErg Engine Building 4 Week Cycle [Level 1] ERGs: SKI•BIKE•ROW This Cycle Targets: Aerobic Efficiency Aerobic + Anaerobic Thresholds V02 Max Build well rounded, complete fitness across all 3 ERGs. Week 1: 2 Hours 22 Minutes Week 4: 3 Hours 5 Minutes Level 1? Our 3 Level System separates our Cycles by Total Training Volume. Level 1 will build your dedicated ERG Endurance Training to 3 Hours 5 Minutes by Week 4. Levels 2 and 3 have higher Volumes. If you Cross Train with other modalities, such as Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Crossfit, Bodybuilding, Hyrox or another component of fitness - Let our dedicated cycle take care of your Endurance performance across all 3 ERGs, with a balanced, progressive plan designed to raise your level of Aerobic and Anaerobic ERG performance, whilst giving you the flexibility and freedom to manage your other training modalities. Layer this 4 day per week Cycle into your existing training. Alternatively, the Level 1 Cycle is a perfect entry point for beginners looking for 2 to 3 Hours per week of structured, progressive and measured ERG Endurance Training. TESTING: To get the most from this programme, complete an FTP Test on the BikeErg and a 2KM Best Effort on the RowErg prior to starting and save your scores in the ErgZone App. This will automatically adjust our programmed Power and Pace Intervals to your current ability. 9 WEEK CYCLE: After completing this Cycle, you can deload, re-test and repeat the same cycle at your new test scores/intensities to form a 9 Week Training Block. Alternatively, you can progress to the next Level. Build your Engine - Push Harder, Move Faster, For Longer TRAIN SMARTER, GO FASTER ERG ENGINE