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BASELINE PLAN • 8 Weeks • 3 Phases • 4 Workouts per Week [ 3 x Erg-specific / 1 x Flexible ] • No Prior Testing Required • An Effective Foundation for Advanced Programmes Our Baseline Programmes are carefully designed to increase our athletes' work capacity in an efficient and progressive manner. This Programme uses simple metrics, making our workouts easy to follow. We gradually introduce our athletes to Pace and Splits once accurate Testing has been achieved, mid way through. Designed for: • Beginners looking to increase Aerobic Efficiency, gain an understanding of Erg Training and form a base level of Progressive High Intensity Training. • Experienced athletes with a lower weekly volume of Erg Training, looking to increase work capacity efficiently. • Power Based Athletes looking to push into Power Endurance Training. The Baseline Programme will tune your engine to work more efficiently and increase the capacity of your tank. Dedicate 8 weeks to training smarter and Go Faster.