Level 3.3 - 6K Training Plan (Intermediate/Advanced)



This training plan written by Neil Bergenroth, a highly experienced rowing coach, master learn-to-row instructor, and past Great Britain Rowing International, is what you need to get started on training for a 6000m row test, provided you have some prior experience training for this distance. If you are training at a volume of 250 to 300+ minutes a week, this plan contains an appropriate amount of exercise. Level 3.3 - 6K Training Plan (Intermediate/Advanced) will help you build an aerobic base, improve technique and prepare for a 6000m row. The plan will support you in getting the most for your investment in a rowing machine or gym membership. For more information on Coach Bergenroth's bespoke training programs, please visit: https://www.coachbergenroth.com For more information on how this plan fits with Coach Bergenroth's training plan progression, visit here: https://www.coachbergenroth.com/ergzone-rowing-plans/