30 days of 5k



The plan is simply a variety of 30 ways to row 5000m. They cater for all abilities and sessions are generally 20-30 mins long including rest time.They can be followed in any order and fit into your lifestyle as appropriate. This isn’t a plan to improve your 5km as such, but if you complete all these sessions within a sensible time frame, it is very likely your 5km time will improve along with your overall fitness. These sessions are paced against your 2000m pace. An example is below... 2K+18 means that the pace for 500m shown on the monitor is 18 seconds slower than their average pace for their fastest 2000m effort (so for a 8:00 2K – the average would be 2:00 – therefore 2K + 18 would be 2:18/500m)