Metron Maximus - Speed Pass

Sun Jul 14

Metron Maximus

Begins on July 14, 2024 and ends on May 31 2025 8 am CDT

ALL THE RACES. ALL THE RANKINGS. The Metron Maximus is the complete virtual erg quest. Have you ever wanted to complete every ranked distance piece in the Concept2 logbook? This event is that. The Maximus is possibly the most difficult erg challenge on earth. Completing this year-long quest will require both mental and physical mastery. Injuries will come, illness will happen, and schedule conflicts will magically appear. Do you have what it takes to overcome life’s obstacles and unseen hurdles to complete this quest? If so, you are made of tough stuff, and this challenge is for you! All results are ranked on Concept2.

Metron Maximus

Metron Maximius Races:

  1. Ride It Like You Stole It 100m - June 9, 2024

  2. Summer Sweater 1K - July 14, 2024

  3. Ghost Riders Revenge 5K - October 13, 2024

  4. Turkey Day 6K - November 24, 2024

  5. Frozen Hell No! 10K - January 12, 2025

  6. Heaven Help Us Half - 21,097m - January 26, 2025

  7. Crazy In Love Erg Marathon - February 16, 2025

  8. Only Fools Do 2Ks - April 6, 2025

  9. 500m Salute 2 The Troops - May 25, 2025

  10. Mutant Ninja Rower 100K - Any day or time before midnight on May 31, 2025

  • The Mutant Ninja Rower is an extra-credit race for extreme athletes. It is included for those OCD peeps who must complete EVERY RANKED DISTANCE to feel legit. Mere mortals should not attempt this event, BUT If you are a Mutant Ninja Rower (or just plain crazy) and this distance is in your wheelhouse, go for it! A bonus prize will be yours upon completion. May the force curve be with you.

The Metron Maximus Champion will be the rower with the fastest combined times from the first nine races, not including the 100K.

Racers must complete all nine races to be awarded the status of Metron Maximus.

  • If you miss the scheduled start on race day you still have 30 days to submit your race result on ErgZone with a screenshot to remain eligible for rankings.

There are no refunds for scratches. Your registration fee makes all of this possible, and we count on it to make this a great event. When you enter the Metron Maximus, you make a pact with yourself and support indoor rowing. To survive until the end is to win this thing. The Maximus is a feat of skill, stamina, and mental toughness. You are either insane or an elite athlete, possibly both!

Not sure you’re up to the challenge? Enter one race at a time. Who knows, you might complete them all!

Registration for the Metron Maximus opens on June 1 and closes on race day of the Summer Sweater 1K in July.

You must enter and compete in the Summer Sweater 1K to be included in the rankings. Don’t wait to sign up! Once the SS1K is completed, you cannot enter the Maximus series but you may still compete in individual races.

Entry Fee Options:

  • Full Package Entry - $180 (race merch and media)
  • Speed Pass Entry - $125 (Race access only)

Entry fees are the same for US and International racers and include shipping and handling.

Metron Maximus

Metron Maximus Prizes!!

Full-entry racers will receive: ALL THE MERCH associated with each series, solo race, and challenge. All social media share images for each event.

Speed Pass Racers will get access to all series, solo races, and challenges, but no merch or media unless a division winner in the Only Fools Do 2Ks. Division winners in the 2K will receive a medal.

Racer Shipping Address

Fools Fest Sprints can't send your official race merch without your mailing address! Let us know where to ship. Click this link to enter your shipping address:

Rules & Info

Begins on July 14, 2024, and ends on May 31, 2025
  • To be included in the rankings, you must enter and compete in the Summer Sweater 1K. Don’t wait to sign up! Once the SS1K is completed, you cannot enter the Maximus series, but you may still compete in individual races.

RACERS IN OTHER TIME ZONES may compete independently at their local time on Sunday, January 26, 2025, at 8 am, but MUST manually submit their results on ErgZone within 24 hours of completing the event at their local time.

COMPETING ON AN OLDER MODEL ERG? You can still compete if your erg doesn't have a PM5 monitor. You won't be able to connect to live racing on ErgZone, but once you manually submit your score on the ErgZone app, it will count in our official results and rankings.

Age Divisions

  • SGGM = Super Great Grand Master > 70
  • GGM = Great Grand Master > 60
  • GM = Grand Master – 50-60
  • M = Master – 27-49
  • O = Open – 20-26
  • JR = Junior – 0-19

Weight Categories

  • Lightweight Women: <= 135lbs (61.5kg)
  • Heavyweight Women: > 135 lbs (61.6kg)
  • Lightweight Men <= 165lbs (75kg)
  • Heavyweight Men > 165lbs (75kg)

Adaptive Categories

  • PR1
  • PR2
  • PR3

Refunds & Scratches

There will be no refunds. Please know this upfront. We count on your entry fee to support this event and all its associated costs.


By registering for the Ergon Metron or any other Fools Fest Sprints event, I declare that I am physically able to compete and in no way hold Fools Fest Sprints, ErgZone, or any of their partners or sponsors liable for any injury or health issue I may sustain by participating. I'm entering at my own risk!