Sleigh Bell 8K

Sun Dec 17

Sleigh Bell 8K

Sunday, Dec 17, 2023, 9 AM CST

One more chance at erg romance before Santa’s sleigh flies. We have no idea what will happen, but we’re in it with you! Sit down and throw down before the holiday crazies begin! And if you're already in the midst of it, an erg race may be just what you need to blow off steam, escape the in-laws, or ready your legs for a long car ride.

  • All racers will receive a pair of our 7” fully sublimated crew socks!


Machine washable Performance Knit Fully sublimated – no uncomfortable raised designs! Crew (7″) cuff Small/Medium: Men’s 5-9, Women’s 6.5 – 10.5 Large: Men’s 9-12, Women’s 11 – 13.5

  • All racers will receive a 3" UV-protected Sleigh Bell 8K race decal.


Rules & Info

We’ve got 2 ways to race!

1. Participate Virtually via ErgZone

To compete LIVE against other racers, you will need to use the ErgZone mobile app. This requires three things:

  • PM5 Monitor (with updated firmware).

  • Wifi Connection

  • C2 Logbook Account

Both the ErgZone mobile app and C2 logbook account are free. The only thing you pay to compete in one of our races is your entry.

2. Participate Independently Offline & Manually enter your score on ErgZone with a screenshot.

If your erg doesn’t have a PM5 monitor:

 - Set up your monitor manually by programming in the race piece on race day and do the event at its scheduled time. 
 - Take a screenshot of your race screen at the finish.
 - Enter your race results into the free ErgZone app, including the screenshot of your monitor as soon as you finish.

**Racers in other time zones will have up to 24 hrs to manually enter their results to compensate for their location. This allows racers in different time zones to compete at reasonable hours.

The event's official start time is 9 AM CST for all live racers!
  • RACERS IN OTHER TIME ZONES may compete at their local time on Sunday, December 17, 2023, at 9 am, but they MUST submit their results immediately after completing the event at their local time.

  • COMPETING ON AN OLDER MODEL ERG? You can still compete if your erg doesn't have a PM5 monitor. You cannot participate in live racing on ErgZone, but your score will count in our FFS website's official results and rankings.

  • MANUAL SUBMISSIONS must be entered on the ErgZone app by the racer with a screenshot of your race screen at the finish on Sunday, December 17. Monitor screenshots must have the correct time per your location (9 am CDT in Chicago is 3 pm in London) to be counted in the official rankings.

Racer Shipping Address

Fools Fest Sprints can't send your official race decal and certificate without your mailing address. Let us know where to send your race merch. Thanks, and good luck! Click this link to enter your shipping address:

Age Divisions

  • SGGM = Super Great Grand Master > 70
  • GGM = Great Grand Master > 60
  • GM = Grand Master – 50-60
  • M = Master – 27-49
  • O = Open – 20-26
  • JR = Junior – 0-19

Weight Categories

  • Lightweight Women: <= 135lbs (61.5kg)
  • Heavyweight Women: > 135 lbs (61.6kg)
  • Lightweight Men <= 165lbs (75kg)
  • Heavyweight Men > 165lbs (75kg)

Adaptive Categories

  • PR1
  • PR2
  • PR3

Refunds & Scratches

There will be no refunds. Please know this upfront. We count on your entry fee to support this event and all its associated costs.


By registering for the Ergon Metron or any other Fools Fest Sprints event, I declare that I am physically able to compete and in no way hold Fools Fest Sprints, ErgZone, or any of their partners or sponsors liable for any injury or health issue I may sustain by participating. I'm entering at my own risk!