RowMania 2022

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  • Concept2 rowing machine

Athlete rules

  • Appropriate weight division must be selected at point of registration
  • Events are released Monday 10am GMT with score deadline Sunday 11pm GMT
  • Scores must be submitted by the deadline
  • Any damper setting can be used
  • Scores must be from the memory function on the monitor
  • Monitor set up instructions will be included for each separate event
  • Athletes can have multiple attempts at each workout
  • Scores can be entered any time up until the submission deadline
  • Each workout must start with a stopped flywheel, but only for the first interval


  • Weight Divisions
    • MALE
      • Heavyweight >90kg
      • Middleweight 75-90kg
      • Lightweight <75kg
    • FEMALE
      • Heavyweight >75kg
      • Middleweight 62-75kg
      • Lightweight <62kg
  • Age Categories
    • 18-39
    • 40 - 49
    • 50 +


  • The top ranked athletes may need to provide proof of weight/age per category
  • Proof of performance may be required for prize eligibility (photo and/or video)
  • Athletes must complete all events to be eligible for prizes